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Next Generation
Security Solutions

The effective use of cloud services, artificial intelligence and machine learning is disrupting the way organizations get things done.  We exist to help you capitalize on these changes and stay on top of your game.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Our portfolio of video-enabled solutions address everything from surveillance to virtual inspections.

Explore the advantages of moving to a cloud-based access control system in order to unlock greater security.

Learn how to establish complete control over the distribution of your fuel resources in the field - at all times.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get ahead of a problem before it impacts your business?  You can with asset sensors.

Our Core Value


As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it's important to partner with a solution provider that has technology in their DNA.  We stand apart from other security integrators in that we leverage the most up-to-date design and best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.  Cloud-based security solutions will truly change the way you operate, but it's imperative that you have a partner that can bring it to life is a way that works for your business.  We are that partner.

Monitoring Room

Service Delivery

With a certified staff of field technicians, along with a service desk, we support your business operations across the full spectrum of its needs.  With strict quality controls in place to ensure we provide excellence service regardless of the need, your satisfaction is our number one goal.

Cost Optimized Solutions

Cost Optimized Solutions

Understanding that every solution a business deploys must live inside a budget framework, is at the heart of our solution design process.  We consult with you to understand your requirements, both technically and financially. We then deliver as promised.  No hidden costs or surprises.


Advanced Technology

The one thing that every organization needs to be thinking about is how to capitalize on the disruptive capabilities that are available on the market today.  Whether it's artificial intelligence, machine learning, or automation, knowing how to put them to work for your business in a way that makes sense is critical.  We have the ability to consult with you, design the right solution, and implement it in a way that fits within your budget.  Don't delay.  The opportunity is here.  We have you covered.

Our Story

Having our roots firmly planted in technology over the past several decades, we realized that the way we traditionally view video surveillance was going to be heavily disrupted.  With the advancement of video analytics, and now AI, the effective use of cameras systems was going to increase exponentially.  Factor in cloud-based services and you have an entirely new way of using video solutions across an organization.  While safety is still a primary benefit, now a business can use their existing camera infrastructure to extract powerful business insights.  You can now move faster, operate with less risk, and increase productivity, all due to the positive disruption that is taking place right now.

Additionally, the convergence between video surveillance systems and access controls systems was clearly on the way.  By bringing these two worlds together, an organization can better leverage the data that is being collected across the whole, eliminating the days of siloed systems that require manual interactions, and the burden of understanding what do to with the data you are presented with.  At Blue Iron Sentinel, we have the background and expertise to bring these capabilities to life in a meaningful way.  We pride ourselves on delivering outcomes that mean something to you.  It's a partnership, and we take that very seriously.  We welcome the opportunity to share the Sentinel Advantage in more detail.

Blue Iron Sentinel's ability to mobilize temporary cloud-based camera networks with video analytics has greatly enhanced our situational awareness and we've gained new efficiencies. 

Police Supervisor &

Special Events Coordinator

Some of our latest work...

Browse our gallery to see how our solution come to life in the field.  We customize each deployment to meet the specific needs of any situation.  We continue to develop new products to extend the barrier of what's possible.

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