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Event Management

A successful event depends on so many factors. Safety and security sits at the top of that list, but so does ensuring that everyone gets the most out of the event.  We partner with event management teams to ensure that things come together exactly as they should.

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How we bring value to Event Management

As mentioned above, several factors go into managing a successful event - logistics, sales, safety, and experience are just to name a few.  Keeping everything on track is crucial at all stages.

Unfortunately, bad things happen despite great efforts to avoid them.  At the same time, technology has improved to the point that you can further mitigate loss revenue and litigation by leveraging solutions that work to reduce your risk profile, all while completely unattended.

Blue Iron Sentinel has taken years of experience to design solutions that bring video analytics and machine learning to your arsenal.  This ensures that your profits stay in tact and your events are safer than ever.

Below are just a few of our solutions that open up a world of opportunity to you and your business.  Safety and security are always a priority but with machine vision, you can also protect your bottom line.  Request a demo below to learn more.

Products for Event Management

Sentinel DASH

Sentinel DASH

Designed to operate in the most challenging of areas, the Sentinel DASH is a powerful combination of power, data and design.  Online in a matter of minutes, this mobile unit runs for two days on battery with a 3 hour recharge time.

Sentinel DIRECT

Sentinel DIRECT

Under a tent? In the middle of a field in 100 degree heat?  This unit is designed to extend your reach into some of the most difficult places.  With the ability to customize the solution inside, the Sentinel DIRECT is a game-changer when it comes to safety.

Sentinel DEPLOY

Sentinel DEPLOY

Unattended video streaming doesn't get any more powerful than the Sentinel DEPLOY.  With the ability to run 100% on solar power, and the flexibility to support a wide range of camera configurations, this solution is built for extended viewing and rock solid up-time.

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