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Video Surveillance is More
Than Just 

It's also a way to optimize your field operations.  Whether you represent an agency focused on law enforcement, events management, retail or oil field services and production - efficiency in the field defines your success.  Now is the time to explore the benefits of bringing new points of view online across your field operations.

Video Streaming

We've taken a unique approach to how an organization leverages cameras across their enterprise.  When coupled with powerful advancements in the world of technology, cameras can dynamically change the way you secure, optimize and manage your assets.  Through the effective use of machine learning and video analytics, your organization can reach new heights.

Form Factor: One key area where we deliver value is in the actual enclosure that brings your cameras online.  Gone are the days of needing a physical building to install a camera.  We have one-of-a-kind products that open up a world of opportunity in terms of how you leverage optical solutions.

Cloud Services: Bringing cameras online doesn't bring any value if you can't access them when you need them most.  Equally important is the trust you need to have in the data you are viewing.  Cloud services enable the ability to view your video streams from any device, without having to worry if the systems are online.

Power Source: Another key aspect associated with bringing cameras online in the field is the type of power a system uses.  We have a broad line of battery, solar and generator based systems that give you the ability to leave a camera online for days, weeks, and even months without direct contact.

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